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Wana Wellness Hemp Gummies Are Delicious, Convenient, Vegan Treats

Wana Wellness Hemp Gummies stand out from other gummies. Not only do they taste great, but they’re also vegan and gluten free, ensuring almost anyone can enjoy them!

Wana Wellnessmakes their delicious gummies in two great flavor medleys: mixed berry, or tropical. The flavors are sweet and vibrant. These gummies have a soft, satisfying texture that’s closer to a gum drop than a chewy gummy bear.

Not only do Wana Wellness Hemp Gummies taste great, but we appreciated how this brand goes the extra mile to create quality products. They offer easily accessible third-party lab results, and carefully source all their hemp from a hemp farm in Eaton, Colorado.

Read on to learn more about Wana Wellness and why we love their gummies!

Vegan, gluten-free gummies handcrafted with care

Wana Wellness Hemp Gummies are handcrafted, with the hemp extract infused during the gummy cooking process. By contrast, cheap and inferior gummies simply have the extract sprayed on at the end.

Wana Wellness puts care into every stage of the manufacturing process, and especially by selecting the right ingredients. Using fruit pectin instead of gelatin creates a satisfying, soft texture and also ensures these infused treats are vegan. They’re also gluten-free. They use vegetable and fruit-derived natural flavors, too.

During these weird and difficult times we’re all living through, we found Wana Wellness Hemp Gummies to be a welcome treat that also helps promote calm and a balanced lifestyle. The childproof bottle ensures that if you do take them on the go, they won’t pop open in your bag or backpack.

We’re big fans of gummies, and Wana Wellness instantly became one of our favorites. We find that gummies work best as a supplement to other ways to take CBD, but if you’re just getting started with hemp extract these could be a great option too.

On March 4, 2020, Ministry of Hemp conducted our own lab test of Wana Wellness Hemp Gummies usingAnalytical 360, our trusted lab.Download test results here.

Wana Wellnesssources all their hemp from their farm in Eaton, Colorado.

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