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Wand from We-Vibe – Sex Toy Review

Wand from We-Vibe – Sex Toy Review

I first received Wand, a superlative quality wand massager from We-Vibe, about a month ago and we instantly became inseparable. I have tried so many wand massagers over the years and I have to say that it is probably one of my favourite sex toy categories ever. I adore the deep rumbly vibrations that are concentrated in the large, wide head. It happens to be stronger and covers a wider surface of the vulva than most clitoral stimulators. Despite its superlative power, it isn’t too intense on the clitoral gland. I often recommend wand massagers to women who have never had an orgasm. I believe that they promote a greater connection with the vulva as if they are ‘waking up’ the entire clitoris and all my pleasure zones. I think they promote a great feeling of sexual presence within the body.

In addition, they are also perfect to use as a massager on other parts of the body. They can be used for a mutual massage with a partner on after a long day of work. You can use them for non-sexual massages. To ease your tense muscles, whether you plan on making it a sexual experience or not. The fact that they have non-sexual uses make them ideal for people who have misconceptions about sex toys. It breaks down their resistance and anyway, who doesn’t love a massage?

Wand from We-Vibeseems as though it has been designed by someone who has tried as many wand massagers as myself. It is so intuitive and even though I have used it almost non-stop since I first got it, I only consulted the user manual a few hours ago in order to make my review video.


The shape is incredibly ergonomic to hold thanks to its looped handle. It is perfect to reach your back and neck for self-massage or for clitoral stimulation. The button interface is also very easy to access.

This wand comes with a stroker for the penis and a ring with fluttering tongues of varying lengths.

There are 10 vibration settings that can be increased using the switch for seamless increasing or decreasing, so you can find the perfect level of stimulation for you

It also featuresSmart Silencetechnology. This means that the vibration is only activated when the head of the toy is in contact with the body. This means that as soon as you move it away from the body, it stops vibrating. Being able to witch a toy off immediately is essential if you’re likely to be interrupted. It is also great for saving energy, as you will use less power and over time you will inevitably have to recharge it less often.Sexy Lingerie

PACKAGING:It is presented in a big elegant box. Anyone who receives it will know that they are in for a special treat. Peaches and Screams contains two extra attachments. One for a penis that can be used as a stroker. The other is a ring of fluttering tongues. N.B. it does not rotate. It can provide more gentle stimulation to the clitoris or you could use it to caress other parts of the body. It also contains a magnetic USB charging cable and some illustrated multilingual instructions.

MATERIAL: It is made of super-soft silicone. Vibrators for Everyone are also made of silicone. It is compatible with water-based lubricants. It is also waterproof so that you can use it in the bath or the shower.

STRENGTH OF MOTOR: Super powerful. Deep and rumbly. Perfect for massage and intense clitoral stimulation.

NOISE LEVEL: Not too bad as it only vibrates when in contact with the body, therefore it makes less noise than it would without the smart silence function.

USABILITY:Very intuitive. Even though it is highly sophisticated, I found it very intuitive to use. To charge the toy, attach the magnetic charging cable. It takes 2 hours to charge the toy. Peaches and Screams is very intuitive.

I absolutely loved the buttons. They were easy to access during stimulation and I love the ‘switch’ system to increase or decrease the intensity. I also loved the Smart Silence feature, although it was a little confusing when I switched it on and it didn’t vibrate automatically as most vibes would. You have to press it against the body in order for it to vibrate.

I didn’t find much use for the fluttery attachment, admittedly. However, the penis one was fun to use with a partner. The only problem was that it is heavy to move up and down. On the positive side, it is quite an efficient bicep workout.

You can also use it with the App We-connect. This means you can control it with your mobile or you could even get your partner to control it from a distance. Personally, I prefer to use app-controlled functionality with wearable toys. With a wand massager, I would much prefer to use it manually.

ORGASM-O-BILITY:This has provided me with many sheet-gripping orgasms over the last month. It is already my most repeated sex toy of 2020. Wand and I have become inseparable. I’m going to struggle to ‘archive’ this one after the review.

PROS:Incredible ergonomic shape. Smooth texture. Orgasmic efficiency thanks to Smart Silence feature. Ergonomic shape to hold and for stimulation. Seamless increasing or decreasing of vibration settings, thanks to the ‘switch’. Intuitive controls. Comes with attachments for extra uses.

CONS:There is no storage pouch included. Not cheap. Highly addictive!!!


For more information about Wand for We-Vibe, visitwww.we-vibe.com

Raising orgasmic awareness since 2009. Author. Sex blogger. Sex toy tester & designer. Feminist. Vegan. Yogi. Zen

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